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Physics & Electro-Optics Consulting Services: Advance your business or product development with these Experienced, professional physicists, engineers & entrepreneurs.

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Welcome to StarkEffects (STARKFX) Physics & E/O Consulting Services

My name is Troy Stark. Iím a physicist with 15 years of industrial experience in the application of physics to solving technological problems in product development, process improvement, basic research and the development of new technologies. My fields of expertise include optics, optical design, optical alignment, lasers, laser beam propagation, exotic detectors, image processing, radiometry and computer algorithm development.

I love helping my clients find the solutions that make their products come to life. I can help you get your product or service past the technical problems that are holding you back. Send me an email, or give me a call at
805 291 7401, and let me start solving problems for you!


STARKFX and our associates Can Provide:

Optical systems:

         Algorithm Development.

         Engineering design, development and integration support.

         Optical system test support.

         Requirements development, derivation & flow-down to subsystem specifications.

         Technology trade studies on optics, sensors, structural materials & composites.

         Test planning and execution.

         High speed, high resolution spectroscopy instruments.

         UV, Visible and IR systems.

         Scene generators.


         Radiation phenomenology and effects.

         Radiation hardware design, development and

         Radiation data analysis.


         stable structures suitable for optical inspection devices,

         optical benches, and

         custom optical test structures

If you are interested in seeing my personal resume, here it is in *.pdf format: Click Here.

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