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Just like the real world, the web is too big to see it all. You really only want to see the best. These links are to the best places on the web for content worth spending your time on.

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Companies doing cool Engineering and Science, Dave Terry's Website. Dave is a friend of mine, and a very good physicist with way too many ideas running through his head all at once.   He is an expert in mathematical modeling of physics phenomena, optics, laser propagation and a host of off the wall topics. Take a look and let him know what you think., a place for software and resources for the engineering community. If you are working in a technical field, you'll appreciate the resources offered here. Links to consultants, engineering software, calculators, recruiters and even parts resources.   A well organized site where you'll easily find what you're looking for.

Math Moves You!, A Raytheon sponsored site displaying exciting applications of mathematics.  Celebrities of sports and entertainment share how math works for them!

Molecular Expressions An absolutely fascinating site. Imagery that will have you planning a vacation to the microscopic world.  Sorry, you can’t book that trip here. This site is absolutely fascinating, with all the technical depth you could hope for!

Accelerating Organization I just discovered this organization dedicated to creating the future we want.

Evolution and Design The weblog of bioEE 467 Summer 2006   This is what summer school should be. Of course, do your extra reading at the beach!

Michael Shermer’s regular articles in Scientific American have been thought provoking, informative and well written.  This site is a great way to keep a skeptic informed.

Bob Park’s What’s New articles to keep you up to date. What’s New looks at the interface between science and the public.  This site is a great way to keep a senator informed.

StatSoft textbook.  This free online book explains statistics terms and calculations.  I’ve not seen a better resource for statistics definitions and formulas.

One of My absolute favorites: The Teaching Company Great college courses to enjoy at home.

Here is one of my favorite blog writers: grrlscientist

Another blogger I read:

Great Free Optics Papers

These Guys Make the Best Laser Beam Diagnostics Instruments in the World: Spiricon Inc.

Sam's Laser FAQs. An absolutely wonderful collection of laser information, from the basics to the advanced!

 Ed, Local events and topics of interest for Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.  Some of these stories are on the weird, but they are always interesting.

 Santa Maria news., This is a local newspaper in Santa Barbara County

 Santa Barbara News Press, Local Santa Barbara NewsPaper.  This town has a flavor all its own.

 World Science Net, Popularized science news stories brought to you before the mainstream media picks them up.  Some of these stories are on the edge, but they will usually be the next stories in the popular press.

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