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Essays, News and Primers on Relativity Physics

Relativity theory, developed by Albert Einstein beginning with his paper on the Special Theory of Relativity in 1905, was a huge leap in our understanding of space and time. Short articles, news stories and primers related to the theory of relativity are listed on this page.

Relativity theory often evokes an emotional response second only the response to Darwin's theory of evolution. Einstein's theory is actually more earth shattering since it completely disagrees with your perception of space and time. Just when you have learned enough physics to understand velocity and acceleration, suddenly Einstein tells you that your view of these subjects isn't quite right. He combines three dimensional space with the dimension of time on an equal footing and then describes how transformations you are familiar with in space such as rotations and twists can be done on this four dimensional space-time with results such as events that are simultaneous in one reference frame but not in another, or time intervals in one frame being completely different from the same measurements in another frame of reference. Velocity now depends on which frame of reference you are in and velocities don't add in the way we are familiar with. All of this is just the fun of relativity theory, and any articles or news stories related to this fun that are available on are listed on this page.

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