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STARKFX movies

What kind of a geek takes infrared video of his car's engine?

In this video, the center image is unprocessed output from an IR camera based on a microbolometer array. On either side is an image processed version of the same video to test different image processing algorithms.

Slinky Movies

My daughter and I enjoyed making these slinky movies. Why don't slinkys cooperate all the time? This short movie worked OK but the following ones were not so perfect.  Click Here! and Click Here!  and  Here! and  Here! and finally Here!.

Missile Videos

Missile Number One -fire away.

Missile Number Two -fire away.

Missile Number Three -fire away.

Missile Number Four -fire away.

Signals on a mode locked laser #1. Signals viewed on the "O"-Scope include the Q-switch trigger, the voltage applied to the adjustable cavity mirror (changes the length of the cavity) and two different photodiodes.

Signals on a mode locked laser #2.

Signals on a mode locked laser #3.

Signals on a mode locked laser #4.

Signals on a mode locked laser #5.

The Type of Exciting Video I Work With All the Time!

Room Temp Black Body 3-Ways.

In my recent work, (Troy Stark) I use video like this to analyze the fpa non-uniformity. I research the causes of those non-uniformities and develop algorithms to correct them.... or evaluate other researcher's algorithms to determine the effectiveness and unforeseen side effects.

This wonderful little video I came across is a great example of how to be a politiician. Choose one message and say it as many times as you can... even when it doesn't really fit. And never ever consider the possibility of listening to what you just said for fear you might realize that it was just plain stupid... like this guys understanding of "the environment!"

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