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Quantum Physics Articles

Nothing is as popularly alluded to, while at the same time being totally misused, misunderstood and simply buried in nonsense as quantum physics. The links on this page are to quantum physics related articles and news stories and quantum physics based technology articles.

Links from this page are to articles and stories related to quantum physics. There is another page on designed to be a primer on quantum physics, this page won't be suited to use as a tutorial, but more like a quantum buffet.

The Hydrogen Atom Wavefunctions

Hydrogen Atom Wavefunctions. So, your're sitting around the apartment one day, there is nothin' on the tube, and you start wondering "What are the energy levels of atomic hydrogen? I'd have to know that to figure out the wavelengths of the spectral lines emitted by a hydrogen atom." Then, suddenly, you realize, "Oh my goodness! I'd have to solve the Schrödinger equation and find the the wavefunctions for the hydrogen atom to find out something like that." Here are those wavefunctions and energy levels all spelled out for you.
If you were just wondering what the energy levels of the hydrogen atom are, and how to find them by solving the Shrödinger equation, you are in luck! On this page, we display the hydrogen atom wavefunctions and energy levels which can be scaled to any hydrogen-like atom (single electron ion).

Stark Effect

The Stark Effect is shown here in the splitting and shifting of spectral lines in hydrogen under the influence of an external electric field. What is the Stark Effect? This article discusses the spectroscopic effect of strong electric fields known as the Stark effect, named for Johannes Stark, the first to experimentally demonstrate the effect.


Photosynthesis depends heavily on quantum effects.

Quantum Physics & Success

Quantum Physics & Success: Does success in life depend on quantum physics in some way other than the chemistry that keeps you alive.

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